More than 50% of riders had reported a previous
near-miss or accident while doing delivery.

The National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA) cares for your safety and well-being. We are in talks with authorities and delivery platforms on improving safety and health of delivery riders at work. As there is a lack of information on the types of issues faced by riders on work safety, we hope to gather cases from riders directly.

If you wish to be part of the effort to improve riders’ safety at work, please provide us with details if you had gotten into accident(s) or near miss(es) in the past four weeks while doing delivery. Together, we can make delivery work safer and more sustainable for all food and parcel delivery riders.

All responses submitted would be kept strictly anonymous.
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Hear from our fellow riders

“A lot of riders work alone and have little knowledge of where to seek help or advice, even if they have a WhatsApp or telegram group, there is no way of reaching out to all…Many riders thus do not have enough insurance that will cover them in the event of a loss of income or injury. That’s where I strongly believe the association can help… to ensure that these riders who go out to work, come home safely to their family.”

— Goh Yong Wei, Grab Delivery Rider

“When I first started to become a food delivery rider, I was alone. I realised that there is very little riders support structure to support new riders like me, I was lost and felt the lack of support from the company. Most of the time, in face of challenges faced by us on a day to day basis, I felt that I was one person versus the company. And that is the main reason why I feel that with NDCA, they can make sure we are supported and represented to ensure all our welfare is covered!”

— Max Tay, Food Panda Delivery Rider


​If you had to go on medical leave because you were injured while doing freelance delivery work, you can apply for the NDCA Short-Term Accident Relief Fund (STAR). NDCA STAR provides eligible NDCA members with a one-time $50* FairPrice Voucher to help to ease financial burden from not being able to work because of the injury sustained.

Eligible members can apply for the assistance if they fulfil all the following criteria:

– Must be a NTUC union member of NDCA with at least one month membership as of 30 Nov 2020
– Have at least 3 months of continuous union membership 
– Must be an active food/parcel delivery worker

To apply, write in to 

Not A NDCA Member? Don’t worry!